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Techstyles® ancillary personal protective equipment

Techstyles® ancillary personal protective equipment is available in a wide variety of styles focused on facial protection as well as complementary products to reduce the potential of cross contamination that can ompromise
the health of clinicians and the healing environment.

Thermoflect® Heat Reflective Technology

Thermoflect® Heat Reflective Technology is the proactive protocol that utilizes reflective warming and convective heat loss prevention to maintain normothermia and prevent hypothermia.

Thermoflect Hypothermia Prevention

Techstyles® nonwoven patient and surface washcloths

Techstyles® nonwoven patient and surface washcloths help aid in the fight against cross-contamination by providing a product that is always fresh, clean and sanitary while providing an economical alternative to
reusable products and the costs associated with them.

NW Patient and Surface Washcloths

Techstyles® nonwoven patient apparel

Techstyles® nonwoven patient apparel promotes the safety, comfort and modesty of your patients by delivering high-quality generously sizes garments that can help reduce the incidence of cross-contamination.

NW Patient Apparel

Techstyles® nonwoven patient care and service

Techstyles® nonwoven patient care and service products are developed with high quality materials you can trust to deliver superior performance.

NW Patient Care and Service

Techstyles® nonwoven patient cleaners

Techstyles® nonwoven patient cleaners provide the performance clinicians need and the comfort and protection your patients deserve.

This product line has been trusted and preferred by clinicians in nursery and wound care environments for over 25 years.

NW Patient Cleaners

Techstyles™ nonwoven pediatric products

Techstyles™ nonwoven pediatric products provide the softest touch and are safe for your most precious patients.

NW Pediatric Products

Techstyles® nonwoven PPE apparel

Techstyles® nonwoven personal protective equipment apparel offers a comprehensive solution featuring traditional materials as well as Thermoflect® Heat Reflective Technology for improved safety and comfort in the constantly changing conditions and climate of the healthcare environment.

NW PPE Apparel

Techstyles® nonwoven PPE gowns

Techstyles® nonwoven precaution and protective gowns provide the quality infection control barriers you need to perform confidently and comfortably under pressure.

NW PPE gowns

Techstyles® nonwoven staff apparel

Techstyles® nonwoven staff apparel is available in two materials and provide a fresh, clean and professional image with quality and performance you can count on.

NW Staff Apparel